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It is our mission to bring heaven to earth by helping to remember who you are so you can serve your mission.


In the last few months, I have been experiencing what I understand to be a "Christ Awakening"  It started with a vivid vision where I experienced all the pain and suffering that Jesus Christ endured to help humanity.  Through his gift, he literally took away all the karmic wounds for himself and transmute it so that mankind would not suffer.  My work has changed and evolved to serve Christ's Mission on Earth.  I am blessed to say that I am one of the people here to continue his work.  My assignment to help awaken Christ's people to his original teachings.


In the line of energy work, our life is healed through divine intervention simply because we asked.  As a trained professional and a life purpose to serve others.  I am utilizing my deep connection with our divine creator.  I allow the energy to flow through me to bring healing to my clients.  To arrive here, it started with a spiritual awakening that's been happening for about 3 years now. Strong healing abilities started to emerge with an ever stronger desire to be of service to humanity.  Since then, spirit has been preparing me for this work.  A lot of deep inner work was done on self in order to serve in this capacity.  I am humbled and in deep gratitude to be entrusted with this work.


Love &  Blessings,

~ Annie ~

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