Christ Light Activation 

& Attunement Session

Jesus Christ came to Earth over two thousands years ago to heal and teach humanity.

He taught us how to turn away from our sins (bad karma) so that we can evolve and move forward towards our God Self.

He Healed the sick and took away our pain and suffering by taking it for himself.

Through his great sacrifice and deep love for humanity, he healed us.  But some turned away from him.

Are you ready to hold god's people in your heart?  



Clarity ~ Move from feeling stuck to flowing.

Peace ~  Being content with where you are in life & knowing that everything will always work out.

Love ~  Heart expansion through forgiveness for self and others.  Deeper compassion & empathy.

Joy ~ Appreciate your contribution to humanity at this time on Earth.

Enlightenment ~  Clear out unnecessary suffering by releasing

Oneness ~ Remembering who you are.  A divine being with great power.


Is it for you?

Are you a Lightworker?

Are you hearing the call to serve Christ Mission?

Does this flyer resonate with you?

Then let's have a conversation ?

                         ***  An evolution from personal consciousness to universal consciousness  ***

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